Are blue whales the new groundhog?

While the blue and finback whales have been hanging around Dana Point and areas north of Oceanside, they have finally started migrating south to feed near us.  We have seen whales feeding near the Carlsbad canyon on what looks like krill or anchovies.  Large schools of bait have congregated inshore and have attracted the whales.  Why is this good for fishermen?

It is good for fishermen because it means our waters are thriving with large schools of fish to feed these massive animals.  If the ocean can support these huge mammals near Oceanside, it also means the anchovies may be around for bait!  We all know anchovies are the best bait when fishing inshore for calicos, sheepshead, barracuda, bonito, halibut, and may other game fish.  Additionally, the larger migratory fish like dorado, yellowtail and others also enjoy snacking on anchovies.

Fishing can have its ups and downs just like the ocean swells.  Even though the sportfishing season is winding down from the July and August peak, the new visitors off the coast are a great sign that the fishing season might continue a little longer than expected.  Should these whales be called groundhogs for their keen foresight?  We might have a blue whale day in the near future to see whether the sportfishing season extends a few more weeks.