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Is whale watching the next gladiator sport?

For many, going on a Sea Life Adventure to look for sea lions, whales, dolphins, and other marine animals is a relaxing day on the ocean.  Calm seas, a light breeze, and a sunny afternoon in San Diego is usually the perfect environment to view some of the world’s largest animals.  However, a large whale recently decided to give some ecotourists an up close and personal show.

The woman seen in the video below was minding her own business in the boat and the whale, feeling a need to stretch, bopped the woman on the head with its tail.  Luckily, everyone was okay and a new ‘whale of a tale’ story has been created.  The title of this blog is certainly misleading, but if the woman decided to jump in the water and wrestle with the whale – well, I guess we will never know what would have happened.


Oceanside Restaurant Guide

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting Mark, a guide to great Oceanside eateries, at the Visit Oceanside Tourist Summit.  Mark has lived in Southern California his whole life and recently moved to Oceanside because it offers a place for him to surf, relax, and enjoy the tourist like atmosphere with the small town…Continue Reading

Sea Star Maintenance

In preparation for this year’s Oceanside sportfishing season, the Sea Star crew spent multiple days sanding, painting, and cleaning.  It takes many man hours to keep our fishing vessel in tip top shape to land those big deep sea creatures.  Yesterday’s fires in North County San Diego added to the complexity of painting, but we managed…Continue Reading

Oceanside Beach Cleanup

Here at Sea Star Sportfishing, we value our ocean, harbor, and beaches.  That’s why we are encouraging our fishing friends to help at this year’s Rubio’s 2014 Coast Fest. It is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family while cleaning up our local Oceanside beach.  It’s a free event and Rubio’s is…Continue Reading

Have you ever wanted to swim with the whales?

While standing on the deck of the Sea Star during one of our Sea Life Adventures, many young children dream of swimming with whales.  That’s why Sea World is so appealing to aspiring whale trainers in the third grade.  Yet, is it fair to keep one of the ocean’s top predators and most intelligent animals is…Continue Reading

The Sea Star is in Dry Dock

The Sea Star is in Dry Dock for her biennial maintenance and United States Coast Guard inspection – just in time for the sportfishing season. This year we left Oceanside and took the Sea Star down to Mission Bay, just north of San Diego.  Driscoll’s was ready for us right as we pulled up.  The customer…Continue Reading

Pelicans – A nuisance or not?

We’ve all seen the pelicans floating in the Oceanside Harbor, pooping on the docks, and constantly following the sportfishing boats.  These large birds try to steal the bait from the bait barge and provide comedic relief when they fall in.  At least they are not as loud and annoying as the giant dogs some call…Continue Reading

Naval Sonar Testing Affecting Marine Mammals in California

The Department of the Navy uses sonar during warfare situations and claims the proposed sonar testing in the Pacific Ocean is a necessary component for proper sailor training and is an issue of national security. However, the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) is suing the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), because they failed “to prescribe adequate…Continue Reading

California Coastal Commission Appoints New Member

The California Coastal Commission recently appointed a new member to serve until 2017, Greg Cox.  He is a San Diego county supervisor who replaced Oceanside’s city councilwoman, Esther Sanchez.  Cox has stated he would like to see fish farms along the coast. Other issues he cited include completion of local jurisdiction coastal land-use plans, and improvements…Continue Reading