Is whale watching the next gladiator sport?

For many, going on a Sea Life Adventure to look for sea lions, whales, dolphins, and other marine animals is a relaxing day on the ocean.  Calm seas, a light breeze, and a sunny afternoon in San Diego is usually the perfect environment to view some of the world’s largest animals.  However, a large whale recently decided to give some ecotourists an up close and personal show.

The woman seen in the video below was minding her own business in the boat and the whale, feeling a need to stretch, bopped the woman on the head with its tail.  Luckily, everyone was okay and a new ‘whale of a tale’ story has been created.  The title of this blog is certainly misleading, but if the woman decided to jump in the water and wrestle with the whale – well, I guess we will never know what would have happened.