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Good skipper, bad skipper.

Douglas Herman, 63, has worked in the Alaska commercial fishing industry for 30 years and looks forward to 30 more, God willing.  The following article is a republication of his written work for the National Fisherman magazine.  The points he discusses are not limited to the commercial fishing industry.  They are the same for the… Read more »

Whales and Anchovies…is there a connection?

We have recently uploaded our Ultimate Sea Life Adventure to Youtube.  Although it combines video from a few different trips, the clips accurately represent the sea life we encounter while on the Sea Star.  Blue whales, finback whales, dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales, and minke whales can be seen feeding, traveling, and having some care… Read more »

Sea Star is now blogging!

This evening, Sea Star Charters starting blogging!  We will be experimenting with this process during our winter season.  Hopefully, the summer months will be filled with amazing sport fishing action so we can blog more.  Captain Joe will be sharing his more than 40 years of expertise and Internet users will be able to learn… Read more »

Sport Fishing in January

Just a few days ago, the crew and I went sport fishing off the coast of Southern California.  We had a wonderful day catching sand bass, calico bass, rock fish, tree fish, and sculpin.  All of the fish were released alive and well. We made a video as we fished, and this is the final… Read more »