Whales and Anchovies…is there a connection?

We have recently uploaded our Ultimate Sea Life Adventure to Youtube.  Although it combines video from a few different trips, the clips accurately represent the sea life we encounter while on the Sea Star.  Blue whales, finback whales, dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales, and minke whales can be seen feeding, traveling, and having some care free fun in our video.


The blue and finback whales have changed their summer feeding destinations over the past few seasons.  It was only recently that these magnificent animals regularly inhabited the Southern California Coast during June, July, August, and September.

But why have they changed summer feeding grounds in the last few years?  Did they know the economy was changing, or that the L.A. Kings would win the Stanley Cup?  Probably not, but one thing we have noticed is an increase in anchovies off the coast of Oceanside.

We know the largest animal on earth, the blue whale, eats one of the smallest animals in the ocean; krill.  So we know they did not come here specifically for the anchovies.  But is their a connection between abundant anchovies and tastier krill?  Who knows, but we are thankful for the great live bait we have received.

Currently, the anchovies are plentiful all along the Southern California Coast.  They have been caught up north off Dana Point and even south of San Diego.  Oceanside is right in the middle of it all, and we have seen huge schools of these bait fish just off the coast.

Anchovies are the best bait to use during the summer because their small size attracts more fish.  Bigger isn’t always better, and that is very true for sportfishing.  We are hoping the anchovies stick around throughout the summer because this will help put fish on the boat!

As scientists search for a reason the blue and finback whales have changed their summer feeding grounds, we will be using anchovies to catch some of the best fish off the Southern California Coast.