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Oceanography Trips

For the past 31 years, the Sea Star has produced great fish counts, wonderful memories, and has set and maintained a charter boat standard like no other.  Even through the recession, the boat continued to leave the dock and come back with a boat full of fish and happy fishermen.  As the economy continues to… Read more »

Recycling for the Oceanside Harbor’s Health

Since the Oceanside Harbor was created back in the 1960’s, it has been a beautiful recreational area for Oceanside residents and visitors alike.  The quaint shops, restaurants with tasty food, and water based activities for everyone to enjoy has made the harbor one of Oceanside’s crown jewels.  But for the last fifty years, the harbor… Read more »

Curious and Playful Grey Whale Behavior

The grey whale makes one of the longest annual migrations of any mammal on Earth.  Traveling from the Bering Sea to Mexico’s warm-water lagoons, these whales search for a protected area to give birth to calves.  In the video below, a mother and her calf can be seen amusing the ecotourists onboard the ponga.  The… Read more »

Whales and Anchovies…is there a connection?

We have recently uploaded our Ultimate Sea Life Adventure to Youtube.  Although it combines video from a few different trips, the clips accurately represent the sea life we encounter while on the Sea Star.  Blue whales, finback whales, dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales, and minke whales can be seen feeding, traveling, and having some care… Read more »

29th Annual Holiday Boat Parade

We had a wonderful group of friends onboard the Sea Star for the Oceanside Holiday Boat Parade.  We had the Sea Star decorated with lights and our inflatable snowman! With crew members dating back from the very beginning, the Holiday Boat Parade was a successful evening!