Have you ever wanted to swim with the whales?

While standing on the deck of the Sea Star during one of our Sea Life Adventures, many young children dream of swimming with whales.  That’s why Sea World is so appealing to aspiring whale trainers in the third grade.  Yet, is it fair to keep one of the ocean’s top predators and most intelligent animals is a tank, comparable to the size of a bath tube?  We don’t think so, but you can make your own decision.  Watching the documentary, Blackfish, may change your mind.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could hold our breaths as long as whales do?  We would be treated to an awesome show of acrobatic talents.  These performers effortlessly twist, turn, and roll in an almost gravity free environment.  Imagine spending the day with these highly intelligent animals to see how communities of whales, also known as pods, interact with one another.

We’re fortunate to spend time with these giants when they are feeding off the coast of San Diego.  Their blow-spouts are easily seen with binoculars from miles away.  However, we are limited to watching the show at the surface during our Sea Life Adventure.  Check out how some whales perform underneath boats like ours!