Cooking Your Catch: Proper Storage

The second article of our Cooking Your Catch series is dedicated to properly storing your catch.


If you plan to eat your fish within several days, place fish in tightly covered container or moisture vapor-proof wrapper and store in the refrigerator at a temperature of 35° to 40° F. to maintain the delicate flavor.

Best quality in flavor can be obtained by leaving fish in colander or on racks where it can drain in the refrigerator.


One method of protecting fish from oxidations (rancidity) and dehydrations (freezer burn) is by glazing.  To glaze, place the fish on a tray, cover with aluminum foil and freeze.  Remove the foil.  Dip frozen product in ice water to form glaze.  Return to freezer.  Repeat process 2 to 3 times until fish is completely glazed.  Wrap fish in plastic film or freezer paper, eliminating air pockets.

Another method of freezing fish is in a heavy duty plastic bag from which all air has been removed.  Seal and double wrap bag and place in freezer.

Fish also may be placed in a waxed mild carton or plastic container and covered with one-half inch of water over top of fish.