Pelicans – A nuisance or not?

We’ve all seen the pelicans floating in the Oceanside Harbor, pooping on the docks, and constantly following the sportfishing boats.  These large birds try to steal the bait from the bait barge and provide comedic relief when they fall in.  At least they are not as loud and annoying as the giant dogs some call… Read more »

Naval Sonar Testing Affecting Marine Mammals in California

The Department of the Navy uses sonar during warfare situations and claims the proposed sonar testing in the Pacific Ocean is a necessary component for proper sailor training and is an issue of national security. However, the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) is suing the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), because they failed “to prescribe adequate… Read more »

UC San Diego Scientists Making Waves With Ocean Bacteria

UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography have discovered a way to more efficiently develop potential drugs from ocean bacteria. The full article can be found at Essentially, researchers using ocean bacteria, which can not be grown in a lab, developed a new method to create previously unknown biological processes.  These new processes produce antibiotics… Read more »

California Yellowtail Research

During the summer fishing season in southern California, the yellowtail are a prized fish onboard the Sea Star.  These fish put up a great fight, excite everyone onboard, and make for great dinner meals!  This last year, we caught an 18lb yellow in the middle of August and everyone onboard was stoked! There isn’t… Read more »

Cleaning up the Ocean in Five Years

Nineteen year old Boyan Slat claims he can clean up the world’s oceans in five years.  Best of all, he would turn a profit. httpv:// The Pacific Ocean has an area with millions of floating plastic debris particles.  This area is better known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” because this gyre accumulates all the… Read more »

California Coastal Commission Appoints New Member

The California Coastal Commission recently appointed a new member to serve until 2017, Greg Cox.  He is a San Diego county supervisor who replaced Oceanside’s city councilwoman, Esther Sanchez.  Cox has stated he would like to see fish farms along the coast. Other issues he cited include completion of local jurisdiction coastal land-use plans, and improvements… Read more »

Aerosol Research in San Diego

While out fishing on our boat, have you ever wondered how the sea spray can contribute to human health or global climate change?  Scientists from UC San Diego’s Scripps Institute of Oceanography are about to find out.  They were recently awarded a $20 million grant, dispersed over five years. While aerosols are best known as… Read more »

Good skipper, bad skipper.

Douglas Herman, 63, has worked in the Alaska commercial fishing industry for 30 years and looks forward to 30 more, God willing.  The following article is a republication of his written work for the National Fisherman magazine.  The points he discusses are not limited to the commercial fishing industry.  They are the same for the… Read more »

Are blue whales the new groundhog?

While the blue and finback whales have been hanging around Dana Point and areas north of Oceanside, they have finally started migrating south to feed near us.  We have seen whales feeding near the Carlsbad canyon on what looks like krill or anchovies.  Large schools of bait have congregated inshore and have attracted the whales. … Read more »