Cooking Your Catch: Series Introduction

The sportfishing community in Southern California encompasses a large group of anglers – many knowledgeable in preparing their catch for the dinner table.  However, some species are more difficult, and require more creativity, to prepare than others.  This series of blog posts will offer various fishing recipes for some less desirable species.  We will be… Read more »

Beached Whale to be used in Shark Research

The 75-foot beached whale found at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant will be used for conservation research focused on pregnant white sharks.  Last week, the dead whale washed ashore in the same location a 2011 whale carcass.  It is believed by NOAA scientists the whale was hit by a ship and sustained injuries causing… Read more »

Oceanside Restaurant Guide

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting Mark, a guide to great Oceanside eateries, at the Visit Oceanside Tourist Summit.  Mark has lived in Southern California his whole life and recently moved to Oceanside because it offers a place for him to surf, relax, and enjoy the tourist like atmosphere with the small town… Read more »

Sea Star Maintenance

In preparation for this year’s Oceanside sportfishing season, the Sea Star crew spent multiple days sanding, painting, and cleaning.  It takes many man hours to keep our fishing vessel in tip top shape to land those big deep sea creatures.  Yesterday’s fires in North County San Diego added to the complexity of painting, but we managed… Read more »

Oceanside Beach Cleanup

Here at Sea Star Sportfishing, we value our ocean, harbor, and beaches.  That’s why we are encouraging our fishing friends to help at this year’s Rubio’s 2014 Coast Fest. It is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family while cleaning up our local Oceanside beach.  It’s a free event and Rubio’s is… Read more »

The Sea Star is in Dry Dock

The Sea Star is in Dry Dock for her biennial maintenance and United States Coast Guard inspection – just in time for the sportfishing season. This year we left Oceanside and took the Sea Star down to Mission Bay, just north of San Diego.  Driscoll’s was ready for us right as we pulled up.  The customer… Read more »

Whaling May Cease in Southern Ocean

A recent court ruling in the International Court of Justice states Japan’s whaling operations have not been for research as the country claims.  Whales such as minke, finback, and other endangered species have been killed for “scientific research” – which is a highly disputed claim in environmental circles.  Various wildlife protection groups have advocated for… Read more »